Thursday, September 21, 2017

Twink Worship

Gods of My Idolatry: Aaron Matthews

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

How a Man reciprocates

Your reward for giving a Man a really good blowjob isn't that He gets down on His knees and sucks your dick, but that He takes His hard Cock and thrusts Him balls deep into your ass, and then if you're very lucky He seeds you.  This is all the pleasure a faggot needs or could ever want.


One of the most useful ways a Cockworshiper can spend his free time is in trying to improve his Cocksucking skills.   For this purpose, a dildo can be a helpful tool, as in the image of the enterprising young faggot above.  Spending half an hour a day sucking a large dildo, paying close attention to good form, total penetration and creative use of tongue, will, over time, pay rich dividends in the number and types of Cock you are allowed to worship.  Remember, your goal in life should be to become a passionate and expert Cocksucker. 

My own training as a Cocksucker didn't employ anything so gentle as a dildo.  It was more like being cast as the bottom in a Fraternity X film.  My boyfriend/Master at the time, frustrated by my constant gagging and amateur attempts at sucking His Dick, farmed me out to seven or eight of His friends.  Constant repetition and a firm hand on the back of my head taught me how to serve a man properly. 

Male Dominance

More than any other part of His body, a Man's Cock is the source and embodiment of His power and dominance.  Cock is His prowess, His creative potency and the glory of His Manhood, He is the scepter of the great King.  As a result, even the simple act of sucking Cock becomes a sign of respect and of accepting a Man's authority and power. Hierarchy is present and natural in all male relationships, but especially so when sex is involved.  By penetrating another male with His Cock, the Man both proves His own Virility and establishes his dominance  This is highly desirable, because it allows both males to be who they truly are.  In submitting, the receptive male makes room for the Man's personality to flourish more fully.  While, by asserting His dominance, the Man provides the room for the faggot to live out his purpose in this life: to honor, serve and worship Man.  It is a symbiotic relationship where each party gives and gets what he needs.

Cockworship intensifies the dominance of the Man, while at the same time deepening the submission of the faggot.  To kneel at a Man's feet and worship His Penis as your God is the most complete act of submission one male can make to another.  Although it is natural for anyone who is fucked to desire to worship the Man's Penis, Cockworship only reaches its full potential and power when it develops between two men, where the lesser offers it in homage to the greater.  Only a male knows who and what Cock is, and only a male can understand fully what it is to kneel before another's more perfect Manhood and worship it as Divine. 

Dominance, then, is more than just a Man's birthright, it is the energy which catalyzes the worshiper's self-abnegation before the All-Consuming Fire that is Cock.

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